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'The Thames' and the Great War 1914 - 1918


  • 'Be Steady, My Men': The 6th Hauraki Company – by Russell Skeet
  • WWI: Thames’ Special Soldier – by Althea Barker
  • Lottery of death: Conscientious objectors, enemy aliens, military appeals and misconduct – by Meghan Hawkes
  • 'The old crowd are getting thinned out': Diaries & Letters – by Althea Barker
  • 'This home touch': Life in Thames (& Districts) 1914 –1918 – by Meghan Hawkes
  • ANZAC Day: the first commemorations – by Althea Barker
  • ANZAC Biscuits – by Althea Barker
  • Thames Star Newspaper Illustrations 1914 - 1918
  • Postcards Home & Away – by Althea Barker
  • WWI Veterans’ Memories – by Althea Barker
  • Love in Action: Thames Area WWI War Brides – by Althea Barker
  • Like Diamonds in the Snow: The War Bride Story of Phyllis McGregor. – by Meghan Hawkes
  • WWI Memorabilia from Thames – by Althea Barker
  • Remembering the Fallen: Hauraki-Coromandel World War 1 Memorials – by David Wilton
  • Thames Soldiers Who Died in World War One – by Kae Lewis and Althea Barker
  • The Missing War Dead of Thames – by Althea Barker
  • WWI War Cemeteries – by Althea Barker
  • The Flu Epidemic of 1918 – by Kae Lewis
  • Everywhere: WWI Tunnellers from the Thames – by Althea Barker
  • 'That my feet shall not falter': WWI Military Nurses of the Thames Area – by Althea Barker
  • Returned Soldier Ballot Farms on the Hauraki Plains – by Tracey Spence
  • Medals and Honours in World War One – by Roger Strong and Althea Barker
  • Thames War Poetry & Music – by Althea Barker
  • The End of the War – Althea Barker

  • APPENDIX Two: Thames County Names in 1917 Aliens Register
  • APPENDIX Three: Plans of the Thames Memorial
  • APPENDIX Four: Thames WWI Landmarks Map
  • APPENDIX Five: Glossary & Abbreviations

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