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Volume 3 (2010)

Maps and Air Photos of Una GM & QC Co Area

Figure 17: TUMONZ vector map of Una GM & QC Co area. The Thames water race (marked in gold) was opened in January 1876 and provided water for batteries in the Karaka from that date. The Provincial government-built Karaka tramway and Te Papa aerial ropeway were opened in 1870 (locations are estimated). The turquoise route is a prominent access track, with cuttings, which leads up a ridge. It appears to date from the mining era. The top portion is part of the current track leading to Karaka Peak.
'PP' = high voltage transmission line poles.
Tracks/routes were all plotted by GPS, apart from the lower tramway incline, which was plotted as a straight line between the (known) end points (as per the photo of Fig 2).
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Figure 18: TUMONZ Property map showing battery site and tramway route
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Figure 19: Google Earth View of Una GM & QC Co Area, showing tramway, main chute, cart track and 'turquoise' access track.
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Figure 20: View of Una area from Firth of Thames, with tramway, main chute and 'turquoise' access track marked.
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Figure 21: Claims and geological features in the Una area (extracted from Adams and Fraser 1909). Route of Una tramway is superimposed in green.
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