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Records handed in for The Treasury collection belong to The Coromandel Heritage Trust. The Trust is collecting and preserving the records of the history and families of the TCDC and HDC region in particular, and making them available to researchers. This collection covers all nationalities including Maori. There are also some books relating to other areas of New Zealand and also to Genealogy in this collection. All of the things in the Trust's collection have a red sticker at the base of the spine and the silver fern indicates that it is a book about NZ.



A growing number of book indexes are available.
Area histories - these are found under the relevant town on the PLACES shelf.
Regional jubilees - these are found under the relevant region on the PLACES shelf.
School reunions - these are found under the relevant town on the PLACES shelf.
Organisation/business jubilees - these are found under the relevant town on the PLACES shelf.
Family Stories - these are found under the window on the side wall.
NZ Towns - books about other towns in NZ.
The World - books with information from around the world which might be useful for genealogists.
Genealogy - books to help with genealogy research.
Collections - The David Arbury Collection, the Robert Oxner Captain Cook Collection - kept together in one place.


Birth certificates - will give place and date of birth, and may give parents names, where they were born, when they married, father's occupation, mother's maiden name - all of which can help get you back one generation.
Baptism certificates - will give date of birth and place and date of baptism, where the family resides, and the names of godparents (who are often family members).



Death Certificates - These will give the names and ages of the bride and groom (so an approximate birth date can be worked out), their occupations, whether they have been married before or divorced. It will give details of the parents which takes you back a generation, and witnesses are often family members.
Church service sheets - these came into use in the late 1980s so they are a recent record. They will be wonderful in years to come, with their lovely photos, and often the names of family members.
Obituaries - from newspapers etc. These give a brief overview of the life of the deceased person.
Eulogies - a real genealogical treasure as they give not only the dates and locations of events, but also the family stories, the funny stories, hobbies, community involvement etc. These are a great way of keeping the memory of a family member alive.
Cemetery records - for Tararu & Shortland Cemeteries, plus RSA section of Totara Cemetery. Give dates, family members, burial records and monumental inscriptions etc.


Genealogical information about the early families of the region. This collection is in alphabetical order under the husband's surname. The wives are listed at the start under the initial letter of their maiden surname with a referral to their husband's form.
These forms contain a wealth of information. They give birth, marriage, death and burial details, occupations, when and how they came to NZ, interests, and space for further comments. The reverse side gives the children's names, date and location of birth, marriage and death, and spouse's name. There is also the name of the person who supplied this information, which gives a family member contact if you want to share information or find out more.


o More About People - added information about the families of the region.
Odds and ends about families - people have handed in a page or two about their family, newspapers cuttings, magazine articles etc. These are filed alphabetically under surnames.
o Lists of People
Various lists of names eg petitions, applications, newspaper lists etc.
o The Marie Pay Index - This is an index of Thames places and people in the NZ Observer from 1880 - 1909.
While the items are mostly about social and sporting events, it helps fill out the picture of how your family lived and places them in a certain place at a certain time. This index is still being worked on to include people in areas other than Thames. The format of PapersPast has changed since this index was started and the page numbers may now be different but the dates will be the same.
o Family Trees
Handed in by family members. You will need to verify the information.
o Street Directories


Various articles about the Maori tribes of the district, and copies of the pages used on the Tangata Whenua display at the Mall. Information about specific individuals will be found in the More About People folders.
o Books
A collection of beautiful books donated by Robert Oxner.
These books add to knowledge of the Tangata Whenua in this locality as well as in the rest of the country and family relationships often extend to other areas.


o More About Places - extra information about the places in this region
Odds and ends about the towns and places of the region - people have handed in a page or two about their family, the mine they had shares in, newspaper cuttings, magazine articles etc. These are filed alphabetically under surnames. You will need to check in more than one place eg Luck-at-Last Mine might be under that name or in an article about Wharekawa. Kopu might be under that name but there may also be information in an article on Thames.


General information
This information is not specific eg working in a cheese factory - no particular one named.


Written by people in the region or about the region.


Captain Cook. A large collection of magnificent books - his voyages, his crew, their finds - includes wonderful watercolour paintings of botanical specimens, early maps, dairies, biographies. It would be hard to find a better collection.
This collection is included because of Cook's voyages in this region, in particular to Mercury Bay and up the River Thames. We are exceptionally lucky to have had this collection donated to us - they are beautiful books to browse.


Books, records and research - an extensive collection of, mostly about Thames and gold, but also other gold regions in NZ and overseas. David's prime interest was in Thames, and mining in Thames. There are many out-of-print publications and photocopies of records. This collection also includes photocopied photos. These may not be of the highest quality, but they can help you identify buildings, and in many cases the order number and repository are given so you can order a better copy.


Written by the historians of the region (old and new), well researched and referenced.
These folders include work by early historian Toss Hammond, by historian Alistair Isdale, as well as by current researchers such as David Wilton, Kae Lewis and Althea Barker. They have been kept together because they are serious works adding to the knowledge of our region - they have been well-researched and referenced. They are not just word-of-mouth.


Originals will be kept in the archive area, copies only in the reading room.

O) CDs

- oral histories - recorded by The Coromandel Heritage Trust Oral History Recorders.
- oral histories - recorded by other people eg Toss Hammond, Deborah Jowitt (Tapu).
- early oral histories transcribed by The Coromandel Heritage Trust Oral History Recorders.
- genealogical records eg census.
- CDs - showing what is left of some of the old mines, videoed by Merv Grafton.
- Thames Hospital photos (with catalogue).
- miscellaneous CDs.


Over 100 years of records. To prevent damage to these heavy books, they are not to be photocopied. These are valuable for family researchers as they show promotions in Govternment Departments, shareholders in mines, land records etc.


Miscellaneous books and records
NZSG Magazines:
These magazines have interesting stories about research, give ideas of where to research in NZ, and have contact names of family researchers - you may find someone who is researching your family.
Genealogy Magazines - overseas:
These magazines help you find out more about the country your family came from, the conditions at the time they left, how to do research in that country, and often list other people searching for relatives who might tie in with your family.
A great collection of books donated by Robert Oxner to help genealogists fill in the picture of how their family lived. This includes books on colonial New Zealand, WWI, the histories of other towns/areas, dictionaries of history (NZ, Australia), immigrants to NZ, boats to NZ, information on gold areas.


Thames Star & Hauraki Herald - Copies of BMD and other family notices are available for a growing number of post 1945 years to present day

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